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Spill Time Steals
Your Money
This comes from the saying, "Time Is Money" which means the longer your employee cleans up a spill, the more money it costs.

It is important to use socks to circle and contain the spreading pool spill. By reducing the size, socks can make sure the spill doesn't spread under equipment.

Removes the bulk of the spill so rags and pads can finish the cleaning job.

Nobody wants to clean a spill without nitrile gloves. Important to have more than one pair. Many hands finish the job faster. Make sure the gloves are long enough to cover your arm up to your elbow.

Disposal Bags
Why take the time looking for a suitable bag? These bags should be big enough for used absorbent pads, socks, gloves and rags for proper disposal.

What size spill kit is right

Empty or Incomplete Spill Kits Only Frustrate Everyone

There is an emergency spill, someone goes to get the spill kit, only to find it is empty. Spill supplies were NOT replenished since the last spill. Now you have a spill that is growing and everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else.

Not a pretty picture.

A lot of companies buy extra spill kits when they just need spill supplies (pads, gloves, disposal bags) to replenish the current spill kits. Introducing AES Spill Kit Refill Program to make sure your spill kit is complete every time you use it. Every spill kit from AES comes with a Refill Checklist that can be faxed, scanned and emailed, or online from our website. AES stocks a full line of polypropylene absorbent pads, socks and pillows, as well as bags, gloves, goggles and loose absorbents to ensure that your cleanup supplies are never depleted! This Refill Checklist allows your facility crew to send us notification that your spill kits need to be refiled.

No minimums. No empty spill kits. No headaches or angry bosses.

Get started today by downloading the Refill Checklist now.



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item Quantity
3” x 4’ Socks, Oil-Only
3” x 4’ Socks, Universal
3” x 8’ Socks, Oil-Only
3” x 8’ Socks, Universal
3” x 8’ Socks, Universal
18”x 18” Pillows, Oil-Only
18”x 18” Pillows, Universal
Heavy Weight Pads, Oil-Only
Heavy Weight Pads, Universal
Disposal Bags
Nitrile Gloves
Oil-Gator Loose Absorbent

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